Top 3 Most popular Vape-Juices

What do you think about vaping? Some people argue that vaping is better than smoking. That’s why many people love vaping. Vaping allows vapers to choose the different taste of Vape-Juice. Yes, we know that Vape-Juice is the most amusing component when vaping. For vapers, Vape-Juice is the soul that will provide them enjoyment. At these days, there are many choices of Vape-Juice. Do you want to know the most popular Vape-Juices? You can read the list below.


Black Note makes Prelude from Virginia tobacco blend. The taste is quite soft and mellow. This is very great for tobacco lovers. Many vapers love the taste. The taste is very authentic. For a fan of tobacco, it is the right choice to get the real taste. But, Prelude by Black Note is not cheap. You should pay $29 for 30mL. But, the price is equal with the enjoyment that you will get. Don’t forget to try this Vape-Juice.

2/Castle Long Reserve

As one of the most popular Vape-Juices, Castle Long Reserve that is made by Five Pawns is very great. It has several components to create a nice taste, including roasted almond, roasted coconut, vanilla, bourbon, oak, and brown sugar. The flavor is created perfectly to make fantastic juice. This is also pricey. You should pay for $37.50 to get a 30 mL bottle. You can make it for a rare treat.


3/ Hawk Sauce

This is made from menthol, sweet berries, and sour berries. Those components make a unique flavor. The menthol only gives a cooling touch to the blend of berries. The price of this Vape-Juice is also not too high. You can get the 30mL only by paying for $7.49. It is quietly affordable, is not it? You do not need to spend too much money to get one of the most popular Vape-Juices.